Break Face contest finalists!

I have never had so much fun reading emails in my life.

Over a hundred of you crazies emailed me your Break Faces, and over a hundred times I giggled, gasped, or said, “OH MY GOSH LOOK AT THIS ONE!!” to my roommate.  Even though I’m psyched to be on break myself, there’s something about seeing everyone united in craziness and joy that just really makes my love muscles ache.
It was about as easy for me to pick finalists as it would be if you brought me to a zoo full of only baby animals and told me to pick only a few to bottle-feed (i.e. it was not easy at all).  But, as I do when I visits zoos full of only baby animals in my dreams, I eventually narrowed it down to the following eight contestants:
Contestant #1: Lori 
This was one of the first emails I received, and I’m pretty sure I clapped my hands with excitement. 
Contestant 2: Tara
My favorite is 3 PM.  And that you’re trying not to laugh in 12 PM. 
Contestant 3: Melissa

I. cackled. 
Contestant 4: Kim
A bunch of you sent in some awesome paper-throwing pictures, but Kim took it to the next level by JUMPING. Awesome!
Contestant 5: Joann and Joann’s Husband
Joann and her husband are both teachers, and I dare you to look at their Break Faces and not smile gigantically.  Also, if it looks like they are cold, it is because they live in the YUKON!
Contestant 6: McKenzie
We can file this under “Break Face pictures that made Ms. Teach laugh maniacally”. 
Contestant 7: Brooke and Brooke’s Mom
You and your mom are teachers + you get out for Christmas break + you have a tiny trampoline = this.  Beautiful.
Voting starts now and ends at 9:00 PM CST Sunday, December 22nd (that’s tomorrow)!  
I hope you had fun taking the Break Face pictures, because I absolutely loved seeing all of them and reading your emails. Totally put me in the winter break spirit πŸ™‚ 
Or else.


Congratulations, KIM!!  Your paper-throwing brought joy to my (and the majority of voters’) hearts.

Let’s play this again in June πŸ™‚



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