Cardigans: A Love Story

Hello. My name is Ms. Teach and I am addicted to cardigans.

Why cardigans?

Because cardigans are everything, you fool. Here’s why:

1) They can be worn all school year.

That time Sybil wore a cardigan on Downton Abbey.

Over sleeveless shirts and blouses, over long-sleeved shirts in autumn, in winter under your coat, with your Easter bonnet.  ALL THE TIME. Forever.

2) They protect from the sub-arctic blasts of the air conditioner, yet aren’t so bulky that you start marinating in your own juices.

Here is Kate Middleton, not looking sweaty.

That’s the last time I talk about my juices. Promise.

3) They are versatile.

May I be you, cardi lady?

They can be worn unbuttoned, buttoned, halfway buttoned, dressed up with chunky necklaces or belts or brooches. Or you can step inside the arms and wear them as pants if you’d like.

Hahaha. I made myself laugh.

4) They keep you from looking like a hussy, as my grandmother would say.

Emma Pillsbury from Glee looking anti-hussy.

No sleeves? Put on a cardigan! Florescent lighting turning your white shirt see-through? Put on a cardigan! Low-cut anything? Put on a cardigan! Boyfriend won’t respect you? Put on a cardigan! (Just kidding. Dump him.)

5) They are universally flattering.

Roz, looking fetching in a burgundy button-up

Maybe I am making this up, but I feel like they make my arms look awesome. Anyone else have this delusion?

6) They are comfortable.

Love, Teach does not condone anyone over the age of 19 wearing a skirt this short.

It’s like wearing a blanket, but without the weird looks that a Snuggie would/will get you.

My Cardigans

I just counted. I have 15 cardigans in the following colors:

Navy (2)
Black (2)
Forest green
Coral and white striped
Army green

This discovery has led me to my next question,

How much is too much?


What’s in a good cardigan?

So I used to get my cardigans from Target or Old Navy or somewhere around that price range. Every once in a while I would get one that held up well, but for the most part, those would fade super fast in the wash or get pilly. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Now I usually get mine from J.Crew (teacher discount!), or I try to find ones on sale at places that are generally out of my price range.  The cardigans from these places are definitely more expensive, but they last upwards of three years, where my Target ones barely last a school year without looking ratty and feeling like a washcloth.

Cardigans I want right this instant

I am currently saving up for a trip this summer (and am incurring thousands of dollars in debt already with grad school, yay!), but if I weren’t, I might be putting money towards one of these bad boys on my Cardigans board on Pinterest:


Except for the Oscar de la Renta one. That’s not happening unless I win the lottery or find a treasure chest full of gold on my next afternoon walk.

Tell me about your cardi obsession. Your car-devotion, if you will. Your cardig-amity.