The First Half of My Summer in Pictures (Alternative title: Why I No Longer Have Money)

Hello! Hiatus is hi-over!

First of all, HOW ABOUT MY NEW LOOK? A thousand hugs, running high-fives, and t-shirt cannons to
The Bow and Quiver for my beautiful new chalkboardy blog. Crazy talent over there! If you need
anything printed, designed, or if you just want to email a nice person, get in
touch with Matt. Tell him I sent you. He’ll run away.

Summer’s in full swing for this lady, and I’m feeling great!
Actually, that’s not true. I’m so tired from the whirlwind of the past month
that I made myself sick and feel like I can’t move (WebMD says I have either mild
fatigue or lupus). But it was completely, completely worth it!  Let me give you a recap of the past six weeks
in pictures because typing is too hard right now.
The day after school ended, my best friend and I flew to
London! These were some choice bits:

Ham House in Richmond, which I pretended was an estate on

The Victoria and Albert Museum: my new favorite
anything.  Totally could have
From-the-Mixed-Up-Files-of-Mrs.-Basil-E-Frankweiler-ed this place, if you know
what I’m saying.

Cruising along the Thames. Who said England was all clouds
and rain?

Percy Pigs. You have not experience happiness until you’ve
experienced Percy Pigs. Better than Haribo. There. I said it.

We saw Antony and Cleopatra at the Globe—so, so
wonderful.  Can’t recommend that
experience highly enough. 5 pounds for a standing room ticket, and we stood in
the first row! I got a pot of gold glitter dumped on my head! (Long story.)
We also went to Paris because I don’t believe in saving money.  Here is a snippet of the lovely
things I found to love in the City of Love!
Jardin des Tuileries. That’s French for “The most magical
garden of your LIFE; I’m not even kidding a little bit. ”

Our view from dinner one night. The tower started sparkling
right before dessert. I almost couldn’t handle it.


Then I was home for about five seconds before visiting one
of my besties in Brooklyn!  Highlights

Jane’s Carousel, this sweet little restored carousel next to
the Brooklyn Bridge. I told my eggs I would take them back there one day if any
of them hatched into children.

The Chelsea Market. So neat! I was able to visit the
popsicle gurus at People’s Pops and totally dorked out– I used their cookbook last summer during my popsicle adventures and every recipe was outstanding. This was a raspberry
sweet tea pop.  I almost wrote “sweat”
instead of “sweet.” They are such geniuses that I bet they could even make a
sweat tea pop taste delicious.

The Brooklyn Highline. Whoever had the idea to turn an old
railroad line into a flowery walkway overlooking the city gets an A++++ from
Then I went straight from Brooklyn to residency for grad school, where I
did a lot of writing and also a lot of laughing. And one day a ladybug landed
on me.
Now you know what my fingers look like! And my computer.
And there you have it; the past six weeks in pictures. I
will not be providing an Instagram update for the second half of the summer, as
it will probably consist of me watching Netflix on my couch until late August.
Ain’t nobody wants to see that. But I will be blogging again, and that’s
I hope your summer has been equally beautiful and restorative, whether you’ve been galavanting across Europe or waltzing through the aisles of the grocery store at 10 AM on a weekday when you’ve got the place to yourself, which is what I plan to do the second I’m feeling better.