5 Motivational Posters You Can Make for Your Home or Classroom, All While Consuming Hours of Your Favorite Guilty Pleasure TV Show Whose Name You’re Too Ashamed to Admit

Well, I think the title of this post is sufficient as an
explanation not only for the post itself, but for why my life is one giant
I’m housesitting right now for my parents right now, and
since they have a) lots of space in their home, b) art supplies, c) cable TV,
I’ve been cranking out some posters for my classroom next year.  You should do the same! You will need:
Kiddie watercolors, brushes, watercolor paper (optional), a little plate for mixing, and
a white crayon (optional). And a little test paper. Oh, and a pencil (not pictured).
THIS IS SO EASY, Y’ALL. I can’t stress that enough. All you need to do is:
1) Pick a quote you want to use.
2) Sketch out the quote on a piece of watercolor paper in pencil.
3) Paint over it in watercolor.
4) Erase the pencil.
What?! So easy. Here are some of the ones I’ve made recently:
Man, Amy Poehler is a total powerhouse. I love this quote, especially for my middle schoolers who try to act like they’re allergic to silliness.
One of my favorite C.S. Lewis quotes I was reminded of recently.  I think the mark of a good classroom quote is something that you AND the kids benefit from reading.  The Lady fancied this version floating around on Pinterest, so she copied it.
This was so fun to make even though it took the longest!  I was inspired by Kid President, circus fonts, and Pinterest typography.
Oh, sweet, sweet Charlie. Excuse me while I go bawl my eyes out.
This one’s a little hard to read, but it says, “And above all, watch with glittering eyes the world around you.” Roald Dahl wins again.  For this one, I wrote the quote first in white crayon (which is a little scary because you can’t see it at ALL), then just painted over with watercolor.
I’m telling you. So easy.
In other news, during my painting I saw a back-to-school shoe commercial.  IT’S JULY 17TH.  Just another thing that won’t happen when I’m president.
What are some of your favorite quotes?