Hello there! I’m in my ninth year of teaching middle and high school English in Houston, Texas. Writing as Love Teach, I’ve chronicled my journey as a teacher through blogging: the transcendent highs, the crushing disappointments that left me crying under my desk during my conference period, and the wild ride everywhere in between. I’ve learned a lot as a teacher over the years, but the most important are these: 1) Our children are magical, extraordinary people who are going to build us a better world, 2) teachers are some of the most honorable, hardest-working people I’ve ever met, and 3) we—students and teachers—deserve better.

Currently I’m working with Penguin Random House on a book about teaching that should be launching in spring of 2020.  When I’m not teaching or writing, there’s a good chance I’m downing iced coffee, listening to a podcast, making you to listen to a podcast, or removing socks from the mouth of my dog, Boots, who, despite his sock habit, is a baby angel.

I write to give people a glimpse into the life of a teacher, to show solidarity with other teachers, and to share the weird, important, sometimes-funny, sometimes-serious stories in which I find myself a participant. I hope that my writing makes you, whoever you are, feel a little less lonely and freakish.


Kelly Treleaven (“Teach”)

Disclaimer: All of this—my writing, opinions, ramblings, unpaid Pop-Tart endorsements, occasionally strange choices in stock images—are my own and are not the views of my employer. Names and identifying details/characteristics have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.