I do not. Need. Dental work.

Nothing too noteworthy has happened as of late, mostly because I’ve been busy transitioning to teaching without technology since my computer
and projector are still down.  It’s kind of fun, pretending that I’m teaching in pioneer times– I haven’t channeled Laura Ingalls Wilder since childhood. (Okay, maybe since adolescence.  Okay, maybe any time my power goes out at school or at home.)  But here is a little anecdote about Nutella, state testing, the movie Bridesmaids, and me being a freak.

Testing season is already getting to me.  

Earlier this week, my students took a practice test for the state exam, which means that I had the same kids in my room all day in total silence.  The way my room was set up for testing, they all faced me at my desk as they ate their lunches and as I ate mine. 

If you’ve never had a classroom full of people watch you as your eat your lunch, just know that it is PAINFULLY weird having thirty sets of eyes eyeing you critically as you roll and eat your Boar’s Head Blazin’ Buffalo deli turkey slices (so good, by the way).

After I had finished my lunch, I got out a spoon for my standard post-lunch-spoonful-of-Nutella routine. One of them gasped.

“Miss, what is that?”  

“Nutella.  It’s like chocolate peanut butter kind of.  Stop talking.”  

“Ew, you just eat it like that? You’re weird.”  

“STOP TALKING,” I repeated.  I put about half the spoonful in my mouth.  Then I recreated one of my favorite scenes from the movie Bridesmaids.

“I am not. Weird.” I said just before grinning, with Nutella covering at least three teeth. 

They lost their minds and we all lost the testing environment.  

I should probably arrange to be absent for the real thing.