19 Things I’ve Learned This Year That I’m Too Tired to Explain

1. When dealing with people who are mean and wrong, it’s always better to use raccoon hands than a war hammer even though you might really, really want to use a war hammer.
2. Keep extra deodorant and a
spare toothbrush in your desk.
3. I am pretty sure I am too
afraid to ever have kids.
4. Or if I do I will need
the Time Turner from Harry Potter, very intense sedatives, and sixty million
5. Many people have
different beliefs/actions/values toward women in positions of power than they do toward men in positions of power… and a lot
of teachers are women in positions of power.
6. Education isn’t a broken
machine, it’s a raging dumpster fire.
7. In that metaphor I can’t figure out whether bad policy is the gasoline or oxygen.
8. I like fighting fires. I
really do. Even though it’s the worst sometimes.
9. There are 100 billion
stars in our galaxy and probably 100 billion galaxies in our observable
10. So probably there is an
alternate universe where Alternate Universe Me is totally crushing it at life, so
that’s comforting.
11. Rain boots. Rain boots
have brought to life and nurtured a part of my soul that once dead and
constantly had damp pant hems.
12. So many things don’t
13. Wait, so many things do
14. So many things are
confusing. There we go.
15. Anyone who says that all
classrooms should be loud and wild with kids talking at all times doesn’t know
what they’re talking about, or hasn’t met an introverted child.
16. Actually, anyone who says
that “all classrooms should look like X” probably doesn’t know what they’re
talking about.
17. (Unless they’re saying
that all classrooms should be a supportive, safe space or something like that.
You know what I meant.)
18. Teaching has made me
rambly. And very tired. And stressed.
19. I love it anyway. (I don’t get it.)
Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to sleep for a thousand years.